18th - 20th November 2021


The People's Park

Artist: Zoë Power

Location: Commercial Road, Portsmouth

All three days

We’re proud to be using pollution-reducing Airlite paint for this mural! Airlite paint is a completely mineral paint that has a lower environmental impact than any other traditional paint. What’s more it lets your walls eliminate pollution, bacteria and viruses! Find out more about Airlite here.

Zoë and her team will be painting a colourful and welcoming mural to lead people to Victoria Park, Portsmouth. The park, which boasts a rich history, is a much loved green space in the centre of Portsmouth. Inclusivity and wellness are at the heart of the Park’s recent revival project, both values will be reflected in the mural design which promises to be joyous, vibrant and to embrace the diversity of Portsmouth residents. The mural will be a much-loved com-munity landmark.

Through referencing the Park’s heritage colour palette, local plant life, the aviary and the iconic fountain, the hand painted mural will be truly unique to ‘The People’s Park’. This strap-line will be be proudly painted underneath ‘Victoria Park’, bold lettering that will sit central to the mural design.

Artist Bio:

Zoë Power is a mural artist, printmaker and illustrator from Bristol. She has a background in traditional printmaking and a degree in Anthropology. These 2 fields both influence her work, which often puts local people at the heart of her artwork. Zoë’s signature style is bright and bold she has painted across the UK.

Zoë’s work aims to be inclusive, accessible and joyous. People are often depicted in active poses, with a range of skin tones and body types. By doing this,Zoë wants to promote a nar-rative of people as active agents for change, for creating community, for wellbeing, and for environmental activism. Through a use of bold shapes and characters and an unapologetic use of colour, the ultimate goal is to spread rebellious joy, using colour to uplift buildings and grey landscapes and create moments of pause and reflection in daily life.


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