18th - 20th November 2021


Animating Street Art

Artist: Thomas Buckley

Location: St Mary's Church, Fratton

Fratton Road, PO1 5PA

All three days

5pm – 9pm

Digital Artist Thomas Buckley explores emerging technologies in light mapping and works closely with two Portsmouth based street artists to augment and enchant their work with digital.

Exploring how projection can reveal new potential for street artists and designing two new works that explore the strengths of both mediums. Artworks will be mapped live through the festival.

Lightform is a new tool that automates projection mapping. By reducing the technical knowledge needed to map projection, it is more accessible by a wider variety of makers. How can we use this technology to celebrate and upskill some of Portsmouth’s street art communities?

Artist Bio:

Thomas Buckley is a digital artist with a passion for accessible and human focused work. They often work with installation, projection, emergent technologies and the senses. An RSC Digital Fellow Alum, Thomas has worked internationally – using their practice to tell stories and work with people underrepresented in the digital arts.

Photo Credit: Ryan McCoy


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